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31 Interesting Facts We Learned In 2020 That Will Never Leave My Brain 1. An extinct species of monkey crossed the Atlantic on its own.. 2. Mars constantly makes a humming noise.. 3. When plants are under attack from insects, they let out aromas that warn other plants and entice the insects'... 4.. Emotionally speaking, 2020 lasted approximately 12 months and 487 years. Quarantine time distortion is a real thing. That's why we're willing to bet you will not believe many of the events we've.. 1. You probably know about déjà vu, the feeling that you've experienced something before. But if you have a feeling you've experienced something before, but only in a dream, there's another. Finding previously undiscovered organisms in the depths of the ocean may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi horror film, but a 2020 study of a deep-sea volcano near New Zealand, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, uncovered over 90 putative bacterial and archaeal genomic families and nearly 300 previously unknown genera The piano is a little over 18 feet long and has 85 keys - 3 short of the standard 88. The tongue is the only muscle in one's body that is attached from one end. There is a company in Japan that has schools that teach you how to be funny. The first one opened in 1982. About 1,000 students take the course each year

31 Interesting Facts We Learned In 2020 That Will Never

plastic facts. 13. 2.5 million plastic bottles are thrown away every hour in America 14. Recycling plastic takes 88% less energy than making it from raw materials. 15. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times. 16. Only 23% of disposable water bottles are recycled. 17. Plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. 18 Interesting Facts That Will Amaze You Unless food is mixed with saliva you can't taste it. A female dolphin will assist in the birth of another's baby dolphin. Human saliva contains a painkiller called opiorphin that is six times more powerful than morphine The three wealthiest families in the world have more assets than the combined wealth of the forty-eight poorest nations. 14 of 101. A traffic jam lasted lasted for more than 10 days, with cars only moving 0.6 miles a day. 15 of 101

Interesting Facts of 2020 ⦁ The first day of the year is Wednesday, and 2020 is a leap year. 2020 is the 20th year of 21st century and 20th year of 3rd millennium. ⦁ 2020 Olympics makes this year even more exciting. Following the 2018 Winter Olympics, in 2020 Summer Olympics is going to be held in Tokyo, Japan from July 24 till August 09 As a way to get your mind off all the sensitive news, we found 10 interesting facts that happened so far in 2020. Rare Two-Faced Kitten Born In May of 2020, a rare two-faced kitten was born in Albany, Oregon. The kitten was born with a birth defect called cranial duplication May 1, 2020 Drake's new mixtape 'Dark Lane Demo Tapes' drops summer 2020; April 10, 2020 EduCav group and recruitment of fresh graduates; August 8, 2020 Augsburg Peace Festival 2020: History and Significance of the day; July 31, 2020 NBA reopening: Every player kneel during the National Anthem before restarting league's seaso You'll learn fun 2020 facts about archeological discoveries and... Interesting facts about science, math, and much more comprise this episode of The List Show

Stop! Don't get caught not knowing the true origin story for Kleenex, or what a beefalo is. Check out our 100 bizarre, interesting and fun facts that will blow your mind 15 Interesting facts about Expo 2020 Dubai that blow minds. The United Arab Emirates are always willing to mark their presence on an international level. After obtaining the right to host the Expo 2020, Dubai was more than happy. It was a huge opportunity for them to demonstrate their capacity of creating a mega-event out of nothing 20 facts about the class of 2020 that will blow your mind Although most students won't walk across stage this year, the classes of 2020 are graduating from colleges and high schools around the. 100+ Facts For Kids To Enjoy [2020] By January Nelson Updated July 17, 2020. ian dooley. By January Nelson Updated July 17, 2020. ian dooley. As kids grow up and grow older, they'll learn more and more about the world we live in Interesting Facts 2020. 11,991 likes · 1,155 talking about this. Video Creato

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  1. 30 Interesting Facts About Bill Gates. William Henry Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is an American business magnate, software developer, and philanthropist. He is best known as the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation.[2][3] During his career at Microsoft, Gates held the positions of chairman, chief executive officer (CEO), president, and chief software architect, while also being the.
  2. Science Facts - 80 Interesting Facts About Science. by facts · April 6, 2017. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites
  3. This year it falls on October 9, 2020. Eggs are one of nature's tastiest and healthy power foods. Eggs are a protein-packed, nutrient-rich, and moderate breakfast food that can assist you with getting fit and healthy without breaking all available resources. Here are interesting facts about eggs you need to know
  4. Interesting Facts About New Year Facts About Happy New Year : Machoo Facts wishes you all a very Happy New Year - May the year 2020 be with you, may God protect you. Today we are presenting some amazing information related to New Year with you, hope you will like it very much- Facts About [
  5. Interesting Facts About Uganda You Need to Know IN 2021 1. Very good hospitality: Ugandans are known for their hospitality and welcome of guests. You should go to the Ugandan village to see how welcome they welcome you. People and especially children will start shouting with joy when they see guests, they will hug you and give you a handshake. 2
  6. Interesting Facts Of iPhone SE 2020 Display. As we described, the new iPhone SE is identical to the iPhone 8 because of its dimensions and the 4.7-inch display with thick bezels at the top and bottom. This same structure actually saved a lot of manufacturing costs for Apple
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The concentrations found in a typical new car aren't dangerous, but among the VOCs that make up much of that new car smell are those found in nail polish, auto fuel, and petroleum. 5. The world wastes about 1 billion metric tons of food each year. Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock There is a water park in Germany that has banned women from using an extreme water slide because it has caused genital injury to 6 women. - Source. During WWII, Oak Ridge in Tennessee with a population 75,000 used 1/7 of all US electricity to process uranium for the atomic bomb. - Source

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Here's an interesting fact: did you know that Macaulay Culkin has just turned 40? Read the whole list for more 2020 facts that will make you feel old. Enjoy! 1. Here's an interesting fact that will make you feel old: The last episode of 'Friends' aired 16 years ago. Photo credit: Warner Bros. Did you watch Friends In 2020, 25.6% of 8th graders have consumed alcohol, 11.5% have smoked cigarettes, 14.8% have used marijuana, and 21.3% have Read More & Sourc UPDATED ON JAN 04, 2020 02:28 PM IST Did you know that there is a floating post office in the city of Srinagar in Kashmir or that Saudi Arabia has no rivers? While these trivia may seem of little.. In keeping with our end-of-cycle tradition, we found 36 interesting things to tide you over during the holidays as we take a break. 36 Facts About the 2020 Elections | The Cook Political Report Skip to main navigatio The 1st day of summer 2020 in Northern Hemisphere will be on Saturday, June 20th. And the last day of summer 2020 will be on Tuesday, September 22nd. The reason the equinoxes and solstices don't always come on the same day is that Earth doesn't circle the sun in exactly 365 days. Solstices happen twice a year - in June and December

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The 1st day of spring 2020 in Northern Hemisphere will be on Friday, March 20th. And the last day of spring equinox 2020 will be on Saturday, June 20th. The reason the equinoxes and solstices don't always come on the same day is that Earth doesn't circle the sun in exactly 365 days 89 Interesting Facts About India. By. Editorial Staff. Last updated on October 28th, 2020. India, officially the Republic of India, is the 2nd most populous country in the world, after China. India has a total area of 3,287,263 sq km. It is a country in South Asia and has 28 states. The country's capital state is New Delhi

Last updated on March 8th, 2020 Diwali, which is also referred to as Deepavali and Divali, is an important festival in India that is mainly celebrated by the Hindus. It is also known as the festival of light. Every year, the date of this festival is calculated by the Hindu lunar calendar It does not come close to being glamorous because all that's present is text and hyperlinks but the fact that it is still running is pretty impressive. 14. The internet is now 10,000+ days old There are more stars in space than there are grains of sand in the world. There are 10 times more stars in the night sky than grains of sand on the Earth, with 70 sextillion stars being visible from Earth through a telescope. To put that in numbers, 70 sextillion is this: 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

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27 Interesting Wine Facts Everyone Must Know in 2020. March 22, 2020 By Kitchenopedia. The most philosophical person on the earth is the person with a glass of wine!. - AB. Wine is the sole thing that has not lost its significance in the lives of humankind since it's emergence. All throughout the ages wine is the most precious and virtuous part. 15 Interesting Facts About The USA The American flag is a common way to show American pride. The US is the home of the internet, has no official language, and uses an enormous amount of the world's energy The Games organisers have found another way to deal with cast-off small electronic devices, such as mobile phones, with the Tokyo 2020 gold, silver and bronze medals made from waste materials that would otherwise likely have ended up in landfill

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30 Interesting And Funny Facts About Australia That May Surprise You Posted on Last updated: January 8, 2020 Categories Australia , Funny Irish Stuff , Living , Travel By: Author Stephen Palme 20 Interesting facts about Walmart The Biggest Retail Store As of March 2020, Walmart family has a net worth of $190 Billion. Walmart's was first opened to public in 1970. Sam Walton started the company as a teenager unloading trucks

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Interesting Marijuana Facts and Statistics 2020 Over 60% of Americans believe pot should be legalized. Medical marijuana helped over 90% of the people who were using it. Marijuana is the second most frequently found substance in drivers' bodies after serious traffic accidents. Fewer than 10% of weed. This is app where you can learn friendly,earn memory easily in 2020 about interesting facts Now here's an interesting fact about France. November 6, 2020 10 easy ways to live more sustainably in France. August 7, 2020 Household shopping in France: paint, plants, and more. August 4, 2020 Top 10 must-have French apps. July 29, 2020 French supermarkets and grocery stores 5. Toronto is Canada's largest metropole with over 6 million people. Montreal, Canada's second largest city with over 4 million inhabitants, is also the second largest city in the world that has a French-speaking population - after Paris in France. Montreal, the second most populated city in Canada

Here are some of the most interesting facts about the 2020 presidential elections. Check the latest news and updates from Business Insider. The race for the White House has begun,. 10 interesting facts about Valentine's Day 2020. Here we have amassed ten interesting facts about Valentine's Day, so take a look and get amused: 1. Valentine's Day is the 2 nd most celebrated holiday across the globe. Though it is not a public holiday in many countries yet it is celebrated on a larger scale Ram Navami 2020: Interesting Facts about Sri Ram. March 29, 2020 by rajathe. Rama Navami, observed on the last day of Chaitra Navaratri, is the celebration of Lord Rama's birth. In Hinduism, Lord Rama or Rama is a supreme godhead, the representation of everything virtuous. Hindu legends say that Lord Rama was born on the ninth day of Chaitra.

We should see what's happening in this industry with these construction facts and statistics. China produces the most cement globally China produces almost half of the world's cement with an estimated 2.4 billion metric tons in 2018, followed by India at 290 million metric tons and the United States at 88.5 million metric ton Interesting Facts About SpaceX. by - thefactsandnews on - June 16, 2020 SpaceX is achieving and making great progress in space explosion in the last few years and it is continuing its work to achieve the goals Interesting facts about Bitcoin in 2020. More than 90% of all financial professionals believed that Bitcoin had absolutely no prospects. When the virtual currency appeared, everyone was sure that it would disappear just as quickly. However, this did not happen. Bitcoin has been around for decades 20 Interesting Facts About the Internet. Jul 15, 2016 - Internet, New Technology. We need it. Check out this list of amazing internet facts and see just how much you really know about the Internet! 1. It is estimated that by 2020, a quarter of a billion vehicles will have internet connection

Interesting Euro 2020 (2021) Facts & History Past Euro Tournaments. The first European Championship tournament was staged back in 1960, with the Soviet Union... Past Euro Winners. Germany and Spain hold the record for the highest number of European Championship wins with three... Euro Records. The. Interesting Facts About Software Development: Statistics 2020 Since software and technology is are changing so much, check out this analysis of a report that takes a snapshot of the interational. Some of the more interesting facts about Saint Lucia have a woman connection. One involves the wars of men and another involves death. December 18, 2020 at 9:06 am . Stonefield Villa Resort awesome resort, with awesome views, I like that, amazing feeling, great, amazing Blog. Reply So if you're planning a trip to Spain soon and want to make the most of your holiday, here are some interesting facts about Spain that you should know before visiting. Fun facts about Spain. 1. Madrid is the largest city in Spain by the number of inhabitants. Barcelona, the second-largest city in Spain, is half the size of Madrid Interesting facts about 2020 US presidential elections Trump gains ground overnight in UK betting markets, Biden still favourite Public Policy: A lucrative career that many are eyein

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  1. Interesting New Orleans Facts . There are so many super interesting facts about New Orleans. Here's a selection of some of the most fascinating. 6) The game of poker originated in New Orleans, as did the game craps. It was named craps due to its original name of crapaud, which is the French word for frog
  2. Miscellaneous facts. 9. As of 2020, Stavanger's population is 121,610. It's Norway's fourth-largest city behind Trondheim in third (147,139), Bergen in second (213,585) and the capital city Oslo in first place on 580,000. However, its urban area is much higher - some 237,369 if you include neighbouring Sandnes and Randaberg
  3. Uzaif May 29, 2020. Interesting-facts|Random-facts|facts #1.The Fukang Meteorite. It is said to be 4.5 billion year. old and is possibly. even older than Earth-Interesting-facts #2.J.K.Rowling was the 1st . person to ever become. A billionaire by writing Books.-Interesting-facts
  4. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020 was awarded jointly to Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna for the development of a method for genome editing
  5. 30 Interesting Facts For Week 4 (2020 Fantasy Football) by James Bisson | Featured Writer . Oct 2, 2020 . Kamara is on an historic pace through the first.

Funfactoday is the #1 source for fun, interesting and weird facts about everything today. We share fun facts for you today and everyday For anyone heading to Athens, the Acropolis is a definite must-see. We have put together some interesting facts to shine even more light on this monument which is a universal symbol of civilisation and one of the greatest architectural complexes to ever be built 10 Interesting Facts About South Carolina - August 31, 2020; Our Global Village: When MKB Members Meet IRL - July 10, 2019; Three-Course Meal Your Kids Can Make to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month - September 17, 201 More interesting facts! Before you go, here are some quick and extraordinary facts about these beautiful birds! Eagles are one of the fastest birds on the planet. They can fly to altitudes as high as 15,000 feet and fly up to 160 kilometers per hour! That's pretty impressive

Bonus Fact: Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer Olympics by which it becomes the only city to host the Summer Olympics twice in Asia. The list of interesting facts about japan got an end. We hope you found this article useful,innovative and unique. If you, please share it with your friends and relatives The Top 9 Interesting Bitcoin Facts You Need To Know. Part of the reason people don't want to use Bitcoin is that they don't know enough about it. Well, our mission here at CoinSutra is to get everyone on the same page with regard to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Here are 9 facts you need to know about Bitcoin. 1 Here are some of the most interesting facts about the 2020 US Presidential Elections BI India Bureau. 03-11-2020 'Son of Bengal' will become chief minister if BJP voted to power: Ravi Kishan

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25 interesting facts about Ghana by Peter on 22 April 2020 with No Comments The most interesting facts about Ghana include a turbulent history, butterflies and a world record for running backwards Here are the 5 most interesting facts from the Eagles 2020 NFL Season: Open/Close. From MVP to LVP. Carson Wentz came into season with high hopes, but the once MVP candidate had an abysmal 2020. QBs with the most SKs in 2020: Carson Wentz (50), Deshaun Watson (49), Russell Wilson (47), Daniel Jones (45), Matt Ryan (41 Here are some interesting facts about the classes of 2020. To the high school class of 2020, 9/11 is a historical event rather than something they lived through. 9/11 memorial

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  1. Healthy trend in Thailand 2020 Healthy food products Due to the new healthy trend in Thailand 2020 of health and the increase of sugar tax clearly see the change in the food industry especially beverage products that need to control sugar quantity and using new sweetness that will not have a negative impact on health, while simultaneously controlling production costs
  2. 2020 In Review Fast Facts. CNN Editorial Research. Updated 1:49 PM ET, Thu December 31, 2020 . Photos: People we've lost in 2020. Hide Caption. 1 of 161. Photos: People we've lost in 2020
  3. 100 Interesting Facts We Learned in 2020. BY Ellen Gutoskey. December 16, 2020. They definitely learned something new in 2020. Thisisengineering, Pexels
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Here is the interesting fact to talk about is if we spend millions of seconds that means we have spent almost 12 days of our life. Billion seconds will take approximately 32 years. 31.7 years to be exact. According to New York Times the trillion second means 31,709.8 years. The World's Oldest Hotel. There are many interesting facts about. Your 9th fact says Here are 25 Interesting Facts About Middle Eastern Countries- Part 2 of January 12, 2020 at 4:58 am. Nr.4, with the dutch escape room isnt really a kickass fact. There are hundreds of escape rooms all over the world. Bob says: April 20, 2020 at 9:54 am Contents1 fun science facts for kids2 interesting science facts 20153 counterintuitive facts4 weird science facts5 strange science facts6 strange scientific facts7 crazy science facts8 weird scientific facts9 odd science facts10 cool science facts11 obscure science facts12 crazy scientific facts13 weird science things14 bizarre science facts15 interesting science facts16 science facts17 random. Trivia Day 2020: Here are 10 interesting and bizarre trivia that will give you ample food for thought Back in the 1960s, nostalgic college students in the US started trading questions and answers.

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Chinese culture facts: the population. China is the most populated country in the world (with almost 1.5 billion people in 2020).. Here's what this fact about China REALLY means: The population of China is more than 4 times bigger than the population of the US; One in every 5 humans is Chines We've prepared a list of 20 interesting facts about Portugal that will absolutely surprise you (At least we were!). Portugal is a fascinating country with a proud history that is felt throughout the nation; from its capital, down to each tiny, picture-perfect village Interesting facts you didn't know about the Spanish language. June 1, 2017 The cost of living in Spain. January 27, 2017 7 Spanish stereotypes. Advertisement Latest articles. April 30, 2020 Planning your wills and estates in Spain. January 27, 2020 Car insurance in Spain. June 18, 2019 A guide to banking in Spain. April 10, 2019. Ten interesting facts about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Tokyo 2020, in collaboration with the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, will rank as nearest there's ever been to a robotic Olympics

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  1. This is the third time we conduct the survey, therefore you will find interesting comparisons 2018 vs 2019 vs 2020 and see what has changed and how. To be honest, we are very excited to show you these interesting facts about software development in 2020. We hope you will like it! Ok, let's start! Top interesting facts about software.
  2. tag The brilliant Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, contrary to popular belief, is not the capital of this hot country
  3. 10 Facts From the 2021 Best Countries Report A survey of more than 17,000 people worldwide helps illustrate the state of global affairs after more than a year of the COVID-19 pandemic. By Elliott.
  4. Dalton Gomez is the new man to win Ariana Grande's heart. After several months of speculation about their relationship, she confirmed their status with him in a music video Stuck With U. Although the guy is not from the entertainment industry, he seems to have a relation with several high-profile celebrities. As of 2020, Dalton [
  5. 6 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Handmade Jewelry - 2020 Guide. by Zara Latinkos November 16, 2020, 9:18 am 31 Views. img source: thrfun.com. We hope we have introduced you to some interesting facts about handmade jewelry. If you have an old piece, try recycling it

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10 Interesting Facts About Rwanda (Number 9 Might Surprise You) According to the World Bank Group's 2015 Doing Business Report, Rwanda is the best performing country in East and Central Africa and third easiest place to do business in Africa Other Facts About The Sun. Apart from the above-mentioned top 6 interesting facts about the sun, I am mentioning some more common information about the sun below. The sun accounts for 99.86 percent of the mass of the solar system. Over one million earth could easily fit inside the sun These interesting facts about history were never taught to you by your teachers — and they probably never even knew. While any student of history has learned about the likes of Abraham Lincoln and World War II, how many of us know that Lincoln was a champion wrestler or that Franklin Roosevelt okayed a plan to bomb the Imperial Japanese Army with bombs attached to bats Interesting facts about Philodendron Verrucosum plant October 30, 2020; Interesting facts about Monstera Deliciosa October 3, 2020; Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Super Tuesday 2020 March 3, 2020; 50 True Facts About Maria Sharapova - Russian professional tennis player February 29, 2020; Shocking Facts About Dr. Amie Harwick: Bio. Top 10 most interesting facts about aviation 2020. Lottie Watt 10 Dec 2020. 1. The world's busiest commercial airport is Hartfield-Jackson. Taking the top spot for another year, the world's busiest commercial airport is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta (ATL)

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Australia Facts: Sydney is Australia's largest city with about 5 million inhabitants, which means that about 20% of all Australians live in this metropolitan city. The main city in the country's interior is Alice Springs while Darwin is the biggest city in the Northern Territory. Australia Facts Australia Attractions for Kid Discover all statistics and data on 2020 Presidential Election now on statista.com Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is officially known as the Tokyo Metropolis. This is one of the worlds most densely populated cities. The number of interesting facts about this city is endless but here are our top forty facts about Tokyo

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