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There are times when customers need help with their orders, and that requires the store admin to investigate the issue under the customer's view. From Magento 2.4, the Magento 2 Login as Customer feature has been made available for both open source and enterprise versions of Magento. Enable Magento 2 Login as Customer Enable the feature. In the admin page click Stores -> Settings -> Configuration. In the left panel, expand Customers and choose Login as Customer Enable/Disable the Login as Customer feature: Disable Page Cache for Admin User: Yes / No: If Yes, the page cache will be disabled for the admin user. Store View to Log in: Automatic / Manual selection: Automatic uses the default store setting for that company user. Use Manual Selection if you want the Admin user to select the store view when logging in as customer Magento 2 Login As Customer is the helpful extension which provides store administrators the access capabilities the same as customers. This will support stores on behalf of customers to take charge of their accounts in specific necessary or urgent cases Once enabled, you can log into your customer account from either the edit customer page or view order page. If simply put, the extension allows you to take a look at your store with the customer's eyes

Magento Login As Customer extension. The Login as Customer module allows the store admin to to their customer's account and assist them in overcoming any issues reported by the customer. Sometimes customer faces problems while browsing the site and in order to detect the issue admin needs to access customer's profile Sign in. Magento.com. You're in the right place! In order to better align with Adobe user experience standards, the account.magento.com website will be gradually undergoing a total redesign - starting with a new page with Adobe styles and formatting You can assigned as customer functionality to the specific admin user by set Custom permission from the admin, Magento Admin Panel has Roles and Permission features to gives permission to specific users. You can assign this functionality to the specific admin user by a given setting Magento 2 Login As Customer gives admins the ability to log in to customer accounts from the backend in one click without the necessity to request username and password from customers. Therefore, the admins can resolve any issue related to customer accounts or purchasing process quickly and efficiently Magento 2 Login as Customer extension is the extension for Magento 2 that allows the admin user to to customer's account in one click without using a password or changing any authentication data. Once the admin entered the customer account he can perform tests and detect any issues within the My Account area

How to to Magento 2 as a customer without the password? There is a 3-step way how you can log in as a customer with the module. Go to Customers —> All Customers; Find the needed customer on the grid; Next, click the Select link and choose Login as Customer from the dropdown. Then you will be redirected to the frontend as this customer Login into a customer account from Magento 2 Admin panel ; 2.4. Configure Login as Customer Extension ; 3. Troubleshooting . 3.1. Magefan Login as Customer & Magento 2.4.x ; 3.2. Login As Customer extension v2.0.0 - v2.2.2 Important Security Issue Fix ; 4 Magento 2 Login as Customer enables the items that were added by the customer during the shopping process as a guest to automatically merge into the customer shopping cart when the customer as a customer. Moreover, items that were added by the admin during their testing process won't be added to the shopping cart of the customer

I want to log in as customer frontend side. I have created a customer listing page. But when I click on customer button customer without details. My Magento v2.0.1 Login as Customer for Magento 1 The extension helps store managers to provide visitors with better service by assisting them at checkout and solving other difficulties right in the customers' accounts. Login as any customer in a mouse click. Use the 'Login as Customer' button to identify your store weak point For those who does not want to debug the solution you can install the extension via magento connect: http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/-as-customer-9893.html It allows to from customer view and order view pages from admin. The extension is stable and works fine in all cases

Magento 2 Login As Customer by Magefan Allows admin to as a customer (enter to customer account) At that point, an ability for admin to as a customer and see what is wrong becomes very useful. Sure, you can make a universal password logic, but that method has heavy security risks. Not so long ago, we've noticed that Magento has ability to load and use customer's sessions different way Login as Customer For Magento 2 MageAnts Magento 2 Login as Customer extension allows admins to help customers solve account-related issues & see the store from shoppers' point of view by logging into any customer's account without changing user credentials. Allows the admin to quickly as a customer

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  1. to access the store as an existing customer in a single click without any password or changing the authentication data. The Magento Login as Customer button in the backend enables the ad
  2. Panel. Restrict Permissions. Specify ad
  3. User to No to enable the page cache when the Magento Ad
  4. to access the customer account from the Magento store back-end. By using the Login as Customer module, the store ad
  5. istrator can sign in to the customer's account panel from the backend without a password, which helps the ad

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  1. to log in to the customer account from the ad
  2. g ask, and answer, now you can to your Magento store as your customers to detect their shopping problem. Or make use of Magento Login as Customer (as known as advanced Magento 2 Ad
  3. Compatible with Magento Community Edition 2.0.x - 2.3.x Magento 2 as customer extension helps to access without using a password or changing any authentication data. Have you ever faced the scenario where you get a customer issue reported which could not be replicated by you
  4. to quickly access the customer's account using a dedicated button in the ad
  5. If the Share Customer Accounts option is set to Global that means that customer can log into any existing website powered by running Magento instance. On the other hand if Share Customer Accounts option is set to Per Website that means that customer can log only into website (s) he registered (signed up) in
  6. utes. widgento always provides support for customers who have installed Login as Customer Magento module
  7. istrators can log in as the customer and follow any process as customer is experiencing. It's a great tool for customer service and helps resolve customer issues during the shopping and checkout process. Provides ad

How to as customer in Magento 2. Magento Magento, is a most versatile eCommerce platform allows online retailers to build next-generation web-based Support & Download Magento 2 has come with an all new feature with the Out of the box called 'Login as Customer'. However this feature is only accessible to store administrators only

Magento 2 Login As Customer is high demand feature. Easily use admin account to as customer to provide support to your customers. Help them with their orders, finding and adding products to cart, assist with account configuration and checkout process Magento 2 > Login As Customer [M2] Be the first to review this product . Login as Customer [M2] extension is a simple and easy-to-use tool that allows store administrators to log into customer accounts on frontend, directly from store backend. With help of this extension,.

$objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance(); $customerID = 2; $customer = $objectManager->create('Magento\Customer\Model\Customer')->load($customerID); $customerSession = $objectManager->create('Magento\Customer\Model\Session'); $customerSession->setCustomerAsLoggedIn($customer) This video will show you how to configure Login As Customer extension for Magento 2 which provides store administrators access capabilities the same as custo.. MageCloud partnered with MageFan to offer Login As Customer in your MageCloud panel for our simple 1-click installation option. To install this extension - create your account with MageCloud and launch a new Magento store. It takes only 3 minutes. MageFan always provides support for customers who have installed Login As Customer Magento module To configure the extension, to Magento 2 backend, move to Stores > Configuration > Meetanshi > Login as Customer where you can find various settings to configure the extension. Login as Customer: Enable or disable the extension from here

In Magento, the as customer feature has been made available in version 2.4 and onwards. So if you are using one of the latest versions, you can enable this feature by logging into your admin panel and going to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> Customers -> Login as Customer Magento 2 Login As Customer extension by Magefan provides a fast and simple solution for admins to help customers solve their issues. More specifically, it allows admin users to the accounts of customers without any password or authentication. Store admins can quicly perform tests, detect problems and help customers The extension enables admin to log in as a registered frontend user from Order or Customer page. You can easily log in to customer account by clicking Login as Customer button in admin here: Order or Customer page Login as customer magento1 extension. Contribute to widgento/magento-ascustomer development by creating an account on GitHub Magento 2 Extension - Login As Customer Login on behalf of the customer from the back end The customer's password is not required Track customer s Configured to show options in customer order, invoice, shipment and credit memo pages Our Magento 2 extension Login as Customer is free to download.

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Magento 2 Login as Customer extension allows you to use of admin as customer feature for specific admin roles only. Monitor admin users actions Control and monitor who, when and how using this feature. The module can log as customer sessions and visited pages Access Magento Commerce Cloud with your Magento.com account. If your Magento.com account has the same email as your Cloud account, click Login with Magento.com and use your Magento.com password

Magento 2 Login as Customer extension is a highly useful tool for viewing your store as a customer with 1-click. This extension helps merchants get a deeper understanding of their store, make changes to the account, troubleshooting or assist customers with various problems they may be facing in checkout process Magento customer programmatically. function User ( $email, $password ) { /** @var $session Mage_Customer_Model_Session */ $session = Mage::getSingleton ( 'customer/session' ); try { $session-> ( $email, $password ); $session->setCustomerAsLoggedIn ( $session->getCustomer () ); return 1; } catch ( Exception $e ) { return. Magento 2 Login as Customer Extension adds Login buttons to order view and customer view in admin. admins can browse the exact customer control panel customers see. support magento version 2.1 and higher - Login as Customer on the Order View and Customer View pages in admin - Access Control Managmen 76. Following code you can check customer or not anywhere. $objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance (); $customerSession = $objectManager->get ('Magento\Customer\Model\Session'); if ($customerSession->isLoggedIn ()) { // customer action } From controller In the left panel, span Magezon Extensions and click Login As Customer . In the General section on the right-hand side, you can choose Yes/No from Enable drop-dow

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To test this functionality, we always install and use the MageFan module _as_customer to check whether all the customer-specific data sent from Dynamics 365 Business Central is properly stored and executed as rules in Magento. In the new release of Magento 2.4.0, this module is now integrated as standard in the core files The Login as Customer module is a simple yet powerful solution athat will improve user experience and increase conversions on your Magento site. As for the cost, you can buy the Magento 2 module for a fair price of $129. Download / Buy Amasty Login as Customer Magento 2 Extension A Magento 2 module that allows admin to store front as a customer Magento 2 Login As Customer The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled Popular Alternatives to Magento 2 Login As Customer Extension for Windows, Web, iPhone, iPad, Android and more. Explore apps like Magento 2 Login As Customer Extension, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community

Magento ® custom development services It doesn't matter what it is that you need, whether it is constructing new Magento ® store or customize an existing one, anything is possible with us. We've been working with Magento ® since its earlier versions so we know any nuances and shades. Satisfaction of our clients' needs is our main priority. Read mor multisite: as customer to another domain than admin domain Using multisite with diffent domains (i.e. www.aaa.com , xxx.aaa.com , yyy.aaa.com and www.bbb.com ) No problem logging in as frontend user in any of the sites Note: When PageCache module is on (probably always on production), keep in mind that as soon as layout generation starts, customer session will be cleared by \Magento\PageCache\Model\Layout\DepersonalizePlugin::afterGenerateXml on all cacheable pages. It means that if you now check the status of the customer in via HTTP context, it will still say 'yes', but customer data will not be. Get Customer Login URL in Magento 2 In today quick tip, I will show you how to get customer URL in Magento 2, which is very necessary when you want to render in block template. By default, if you're in the template, the block instance already has a method to get URL of any route, which is getUrl()

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PrintSave as PDFContinuing our effective releases of Magento 2 extensions, today we are announcing our next launch of Quick Login as Customer for Magento 2. As the name of extension suggests, it allows Magento store admin to quickly log in as a customer in the backend. As a store admin, you don't need to look [ Magento 2.3 Customer Login event can be instantiated using, <event name=customer_>. <observer name=vendor_module_some_event_name_that_makes_sense instance =VendorName\ModuleName\Observer\DirPath\ToYour\Logic\FileObserver />. </event> Yes, we have an extension for that - Magento 2 Admin Login as Vendor/Customer. After installing this extension, the admin will find Login as Customer option on customer list page. No need for email or password; One click feature; Complete user access; The Login as Vendor option will be available on the Manage Sellers page

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There are 6 steps to configure customer accounts in Magento 2. This tutorial will show you all steps to complete customer account configuration in Magento We are thrilled to announce that two of our new extensions for Magento 2, 'Quick as Customer' & 'Product Question Answer', were approved by Magento Marketplace. These extensions have successfully passed both technical as well as marketing review, and fulfilled the requirements of Magento team. The 'Quick as Customer' & 'Product Question Answer' [ In Magento 2 we can check Customer is logged in or not by below way, Using Block file, Pass Magento\Framework\App\Http\Context as a dependency to construct method

Every few months a Stack Overflow or StackExchange user will ask how to add a new customer page to Magento's My Account section. My instincts are to help, but there's so much assumed knowledge required that it's never clear which part of the proces Magento Customer Groups Selector + Login Redirects Extension. Customer Groups Selector + Login Redirects For Magento 1 | v1.0.0. 6 Review(s) Add Your Review. Tweet. Import and update the customer's membership code and customers group using CSV file. Redirect the customer to any page as per customer groups

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Magento 2 Force Customer Login is listed on the trending extension for online store nowadays. The main function is to hide store content and ask customer to log in if they want to access and view the detail page. This extension lets admin set non-visibility for categories or any cms pages with a custom message Quick for Magento 2 brings novelty as well as convenience for admin and customers. All requests are made in the best way, let visit a demo to see what its benefit is true. HOW IT WORKS FOR CLIENTS. Follow steps below to understand work follow of Quick Login extension for Magento 2 for customer: Step 1: Go to top heade Magento 2 Mobile Login facilitates customers to register and using mobile number along with OTP verification in Magento 2.. Table of Content. Extension Installation; Twilio Registration; Msg91 Registration; Configuration; API Settings; API Testing; OTP Custom SMS Setting Login Options,Anmeldeoption Require Login,Login erforderlich Require Login Whitelist,Login nicht erforderlich bei diesen URLs Regular expression that is used to match request strings that do not need customer authentication.,Regulärer Ausdruck für die URLs, die keine Authentifizierung benötigen I recently had a problem with users of Explorer and problems on the frontend of a Magento store. They were able to using Firefox, but when using Explorer they couldn't as a customer. The backend was fine. I found that I had some configuration issues, primary with server system time and cookies which seemed to be causing this

Customer mobile add-on is a Magento PWA extension that provides ability to through mobile number for enhanced security. Mobile add-on is a Magento PWA extension which enables s through mobile. It improves the security of customer accounts using OTP verification method Custom Redirect Magento 2 extension allows you to redirect your customer to specific custom pages/custom URL after Register, Login, and Logout. Instead of the redirect to the 'default page' of the website. the store admin can set custom page redirection for customers Or customer group Magento Customer Login issue We're having an recently where customers can to their account but nothing happens i.e. the Login page is refreshed. We can see the User Name at the top now, but there's no other change With the help of custom themes, you can easily improve the areas like a storefront and Magento 2 admin, by simply utilizing a combination of custom designs, templates, images or styles development. If you have any queries regarding, How To Customize Luma Theme In Magento 2, then you can look at the following high-level steps to create a theme and change their styles This happens for both the customer front-end and the Magento back-end . Let's look at a few reasons why this happens, and how we should resolve those issues. Reason #1: Cookie domain does not.

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The Mageplaza's social extension is one of best Magento 2 Social Login Extension free for download and ensures main features for this kind of extension such as supporting 11 social networks, updating customer information right when they register for their account and working fluently with layered navigation. Besides, you can use multiple stores in same Magento installation Social allows you to collect rich customer profile data (like email, birthday, gender, location, name, etc.), provide a secure way to log in and register an account, reduce cart abandonment rate, and increase the number of registrations. In the past, the most popular social options were Facebook Login and Twitter Login

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This extension also allows your customer to forgotten their password with OTP verification. Main Features: Users can register and with mobile number and secured OTP to enhance the security of mobile registration. Integrated with SMS gateway to enable OTP on registration, update mobile and forgot password PRODUCTS. Magento Business Intelligence. Out-of-the-box we provide vital commerce dashboards that make it simple to monitor business health. Never worry about trying to figure out your Average Order Value, Customer Lifetime Value, Retention rates, etc. again

Compatible with Custom & Third party Magento themes. Magento Twitter and Facebook Login was designed to work flawlessly on any third party Magento theme. Whether it is your own custom theme or a popular theme like Ultimo, Shopper, Fortis, etc. - it supports them all. Compatible with the latest Magento Community and Magento Enterprise Editions Ansök om testkonto. Kontakta oss för att ansöka om ett testkonto för att utvärdera tjänsten 3) And last but not least observer on customer event simply does not work as if on the checkout page the customer selects to place his/her order as registered customer an immediate action is performed and all events are fired, which will result in cleaning his current quote

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