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Tonto is the Native-American partner of the Lone Ranger. He is from the Potawatomi tribe (an Apache in the 2003 television film, but a Comanche in the 2013 film). His name means Crazy One or The Fool in Spanish. 1 Origin 2 Radio 3 Television 4 Films 5 Dynamite Entertainment 6 See Also In most versions of the Lone Ranger story, Tonto is the last surviving member of a wandering band of. Tonto, American fictional character, companion of the Lone Ranger. Primarily through his presence on radio and television, Tonto was one of the best-known Native American characters in American popular culture. He was presented as principled, virtuous, and fiercely loyal and wise, despite his stunted English Jay Silverheels achieved his greatest fame as Tonto on The Lone Ranger (1949-1957). The fictional story line maintains that a small group of Texas Rangers were massacred, with only a lone survivor. The Lone Ranger and Tonto then ride throughout the West to assist those challenged by the lawless element

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven is a 1993 collection of interconnected short stories by Sherman Alexie.The characters and stories in the book, particularly This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona, provided the basis of Alexie's screenplay for the film Smoke Signals.. The collection was originally released in 1993; it was reissued in 2003, with two new stories, by Grove. The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, 1993, Perennial, ISBN 978--06-097624-8; The Lone Ranger Chronicles, anthology edited by Matthew Baugh Starr, 2012, Moonstone Books, ISBN 978-1936814237; Comic strip. King Features Syndicate distributed a newspaper strip of the Lone Ranger from September 1938 to December 1971 On a 1969 episode of The Johnny Carson Show, Carson did a sketch in which he interviewed Jay Silverheels—who portrayed Tonto on the Lone Ranger TV series—in character, for a new job at NBC Created by George W. Trendle, George W. George. With Jay Silverheels, Clayton Moore, John Hart, Chuck Courtney. The adventures of the masked hero and his Native American partner Lone Ranger jokes that will give you single fun with working outcast puns like In his later years the Lone Ranger and Tonto were catching up on old times After awhile the Lone Ranger paused and said I have some sad news and Tonto and the Lone Ranger

Originally released as a single in 1976, the BBC banned it due to the drug and homosexual references. However, thanks to Kenny Everett, the song received a l.. Tonto is the deuteragonist of the Disney's 2013 film The Lone Ranger. 1 Background 1.1 Official Disney Bio 1.2 Physical Appearance 2 Appearances 2.1 The Lone Ranger 2.2 Inspector Gadget 2.3 Disney Infinity 3 Gallery A wandering Comanche, cast out from his tribe, Tonto rides alone in search of the two men responsible for the ruin of his village until his path fatefully crosses with that of the.

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  1. From The 1974 LP Brother Where Are Yo
  2. Directed by Earl Bellamy. With Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels, Joel Ashley, Jim Bannon. The Lone Ranger becomes involved in conflict between settlers and a local Indian tribe. The settlers seem intent on provoking the Indians into going to war
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  4. The Lone Ranger and Tonto. 4,425 likes · 39 talking about this. Dedicated to celebrating the Old West and promoting traditional values through those icons of American culture, The Lone Ranger and Tonto
  5. The Lone Ranger is a 2013 American Western action film directed by Gore Verbinski and written by Justin Haythe, Ted Elliott, and Terry Rossio.Based on the title character of the same name, the film stars Johnny Depp as Tonto, the narrator of the events and Armie Hammer as John Reid, the Lone Ranger.The film is told through Tonto's memories of the duo's earliest efforts to subdue local villainy.
  6. The Lone Ranger is an American western drama television series that originally aired on the ABC..The series starred Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels as the Lone Ranger and Tonto, except for season three when John Hart played the role of The Lone Ranger. The first 2 seasons aired for 78 consecutive weeks without a rerun, but some in between years were made up entirely of reruns

The Lone Ranger and Tonto. 4,391 likes · 41 talking about this. Dedicated to celebrating the Old West and promoting traditional values through those icons of American culture, The Lone Ranger and Tonto http://www.joblo.com - The Lone Ranger - Arresting Tonto Clip (HD)From producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski, the filmmaking team behind t.. In The Lone Ranger, native American spirit warrior Tonto (Johnny Depp) and man of the law John Reid (Armie Hammer) are opposites brought together by fate and.. The Lone Ranger and Tonto. 4,424 likes · 35 talking about this. Dedicated to celebrating the Old West and promoting traditional values through those icons of American culture, The Lone Ranger and Tonto The Lone Ranger and Tonto stop to visit their old friend 'The padre' to see what they could do to help with a lack of water. While there, an old chalice is stolen from the Church. As the Lone Ranger tries to discover who stole the cup, it becomes apparent there is something far more valuable at stake

Last Updated on May 7, 2015, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 2252. The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven is Sherman Alexie's first full-length work of fiction. In 1992, Hanging Loose. Jay Silverheels (1912-1980) is best-remembered for his role as Tonto in The Lone Ranger, an ABC television program that ran for 221 episodes (1949-1957).. Silverheels was a full-blooded Mohawk Indian born on the Six Nations Indian Reservation in Ontario, Canada This site is dedicated to all of those actors who have played The Lone Ranger and Tonto in the past and those who will play The Lone Ranger today and in the future. But we will not deviate in recognizing the classic, wholesome, non-violent character of the man most recognized in history who lived his personal life believing in The Lone Ranger Creed The Lone Ranger replies, I see millions of stars. What that tell you? asked Tonto. The Lone Ranger ponders for a minute then says, Astronomically-speaking, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo

The Lone Ranger & Tonto [Matthews, Brett, Abrams, Jon, Guevara, Mario, Mavlian, Vatche, Cassaday, John] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Lone. The Indian is Tonto (Johnny Depp), the old companion of John Reid (Armie Hammer), a lawman more famously known as the Lone Ranger Last Updated on May 7, 2015, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 539. The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven deals primarily with the Native American quest for identity. The characters in the. The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven is for the American Indian what Richard Wright's Native Son was for the black American in 1940.--Chicago Tribune Sherman Alexie's celebrated first collection, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, established its author as one of America's most important and provocative voices

Someone has done something somewhere and The Lone Ranger & Tonto are here to figure it out! This roll and move game pits players against each other to solve the crime. Before play begins, 'location cards' are drawn randomly and placed face-down on the board. On his/her first move, a player must draw an 'evil deed' and 'outlaw' card then roll the dice to move The basis for the acclaimed 1998 feature film Smoke Signals,the Chicago Tribune noted, ';The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven . . . is for the American Indian what Richard Wright's Native Son was for the black American in 1940.' The collection received a Special Citation for the PEN/Hemingway Award for Best First Fiction Many events and details in The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, by Sherman Alexie, are representative of the struggles that Native Americans have faced in their relationship with the United States. When North America was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, the lives of Native Americans changed forever The Lone Ranger: Tonto, you and I are going to rescue everyone. Tonto: Masked man, brave. The Lone Ranger: When the cart stops, we'll jump out and hide in the shadows. Tonto: Ah, masked man, fearless. The Lone Ranger: And you and I will attack the tank with our bare hands. Tonto: Ah, masked man, loco The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven. The book The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven is not so much a novel, but a collection of short stories. The stories in the book focus mainly around two boys growing up on the reservation, Victor Joseph and Thomas Builds-the-Fire

Tonto called the Lone Ranger quien no sabe (he who knows nothing) and the Lone Ranger called his sidekick tonto (fool). NOTE: Tonto called the Lone Ranger Kemo Sabe which was actually a bastardization of the spanish Quien no sabe. The writers were trying to come up with a phrase that meant he who no one knows 2,285 words The Lone Ranger never had a chance as a movie. The Wild West setting is akin to Auschwitz in the eyes of educated opinion. The existence of the Indian sidekick Tonto is an embarrassing reminder that whites once assumed they would be in leadership roles, with the Other tolerantly accepted as helpers. The [ After Tonto is hurt during a run-in with a particularly nasty group of outlaws, The Lone Ranger takes his friend into town for medical care. Little does he know that the outlaws are waiting for them, and looking to finish the job The Lone Ranger sat up looking around wondering where he was at. Realizing he was supposed to meet Tonto, he stood up sensing his friend was in danger. Running over to Silver, the Lone Ranger was caught off guard when Silver stepped away from him. Silver, come here boy. The Lone Ranger called. Silver shook his head backing away

Teachers and parents! Struggling with distance learning? Our Teacher Edition on Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven can help. Sooo much more helpful than SparkNotes. The way the content is organized and presented is seamlessly smooth, innovative, and comprehensive. LitCharts makes it easy. Mar 14, 2020 - Explore Kay David's board The Lone Ranger & Tonto, followed by 129 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about lone ranger, ranger, tv westerns The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven study guide contains a biography of Sherman Alexie, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis I finished The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven last night on the way to a speech Alexie was giving. I had enjoyed it well enough—Alexie was consistently funny and thought provoking through the entire collection—but it wasn't until afterwards, in a book signing and meet and greet that I actually got it. As I got up to the table, it became clear that I was a bit anxious SEQUEL TO LOVE IS UNBREAKABLE: Tonto gets reincarnated along with Dan to face John Reid in battle, will The Lone Ranger be able to fight his deceased lover &; brother and free their souls or will he die at the hands of Tonto and Dan Reid

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98 quotes from The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven: 'We're all travelling heavy with illusions. The Lone Ranger and Tonto would periodically visit the old Ranger and stock up on bullets and more silver to use to buy goods. (This mine would be the basis of the fortune that built the Reid publishing empire in the Green Hornet. Tonto (and the Lone Ranger) get referenced in two different Ron Zimmerman-scribed Rawhide Kid series; while the way he is referenced in the second story, The Sensational Seven, could conceivably be taken as Cristo Pike referencing a fictional character, this falls down when you take into account that Pike is in the 1880s, well before he could have ever heard or read of the fictional Tonto of.

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  1. The Lone Ranger is a masked vigilante in the American Old West, he was once a Texas Ranger named John Reid, who was the lone survivor of an outlaw ambush.Shortly after the ambush, Reid was found by a Native American named Tonto, who nursed Reid back to heath.John made a vow to bring the outlaws responsible for the deaths of his fellow Rangers to justice with the aid of his new ally
  2. From: Sherman Alexie To: Jess Walter Sent: Thursday, June 20 Subject: Twentieth Anniversary Lone Ranger and Tonto. S.A.: So I've been trying to write the intro to the twentieth-anniversary.
  3. The False Target, art by Alberto Giolitti; When two young Indians make fun of another who works with clay (Squaw's work), Tonto tells them the story of a young brave whose skill with clay saved Chief Stone Bear's life. Ad for the August, 1958, issue of The Lone Ranger. 36 pages, full color. Cover price $0.10
  4. Tonto usually referred to the Lone Ranger as Ke-mo sah-bee, meaning something like trusty scout or trusted friend. This program spawned loads of catchphrases. For example, my cousin Gillian and I always anticipated the bit right at the end of each episode when, departing on his white stallion, Silver, the Lone Ranger would shout, Hi-yo, Silver
  5. Lone Ranger and Tonto XXXL Vintage Poster 25 x 75 for the set of 2 posters reeneesart 4.5 out of 5 stars (137) $ 199.50 FREE shipping Only 1 available and it's in 2 people's carts. Add to Favorites The Lone Ranger and Tonto 8 x10 Photo reeneesart 4.5 out.
  6. Tonto, the loyal sidekick of the Lone Ranger (played in the 2013 film by Armie Hammer), has evolved a great deal even prior to the current incarnation

Tonto also persuades him to cover his eyes, which generates a new spin on the old catchphrase: What's with the mask The Lone Ranger is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned) Tonto rode a paint, or pinto, called Scout. William Dunlap, Hamden, Connecticut USA Tonto's horse was called Scout. When the Lone Ranger shouted Hi-ho, Silver-away! Tonto would mumble Get-um up. The Windwagon Gang rob a train carrying Aztek artifacts on loan from Mexico. At the request of the governor of Texas, The Lone Ranger and Tonto get involved, but with their relationship strained by a press that continually relegates Tonto to sidekick status, and The Ranger beginning to believe his own hype, can they hope to bring the villians to justice, or will their latest adventure be their. On April 8, Graser died in a car accident; and, for five episodes, the Lone Ranger was unable to speak beyond a whisper, with Tonto carrying the action. In addition, six episodes broadcast in August 1938 did not include the Lone Ranger's voice other than an occasional Hi-Yo Silver! in the background. In those episodes, Tonto carried the dialog

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  1. g difficulties they've continually.
  2. The Lone Ranger stars Johnny Depp, left, as Tonto, a spirit warrior on a personal quest, and Armie Hammer as John Reid, a lawman who has become a masked avenger
  3. You've heard about the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Tonto is the faithful Indian companion of the Lone Ranger. They were out in the desert in Texas when suddenly ten thousand Indians appeared, attacking them from the north. So they took off south. Then, ten thousand Indians cut them off from the south and so they took off east
  4. Tonto: Eight men rode into canyon I dug seven graves. Horse says, John Reid/The Lone Ranger: If we ride together, we ride for justice. Tonto: Justice is what I seek, Kemosabe
  5. The Lone Ranger Als einziger von insgesamt sieben überlebt der junge Texas Ranger John Reid (Clayton Moore, später auch John Hart) nur knapp einen Hinterhalt, in den er durch einen Verrat gerät. Als er mit Hilfe des Indianers Tonto (Jay Silverheels) wieder gesund wird, entschließt er sich von nun an als maskierter Lone Ranger durch den wilden Westen zu ziehen um Diebe und Mörder der.
  6. The Lone Ranger Rides Again! Welcome to You've found your way to my little way of keeping the legend of the Lone Ranger and Tonto alive. No matter if I live to be a hundred, there'll never be a time when hearing those first few blasts of brass of the William Tell Overture won't take me back to my childhood. To a simpler time when I believed that there was a man who, with his Indian.
  7. It was clear from this first photo of Depp and Armie Hammer, released from The Lone Ranger set last month, that Depp was sticking by his word to make this Tonto a radical departure from the Jay.

Watch The Lone Ranger (2013) - Action, Adventure, Western Movie: The Texas Rangers chase down a gang of outlaws led by Butch Cavendish, but the gang ambushes the Rangers, seemingly killing them all. One survivor is found, however, by an American Indian named Tonto, who nurses him back to health. The Ranger, donning a mask and riding a white stallion named Silver, teams up with Tonto to bring. With wrenching pain and wry humor, the talented Alexie, a Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Indian—and previously a small-press author (The Business of Fancydancing, a collection of poetry and prose— not reviewed—etc.)—presents contemporary life on the Spokane Indian Reservation through 22 linked stories. Here, people treat each other (and life) with amused tolerance—although anger can easily. Lone Ranger, The (1956) - White Man Talk With Two Tongues Investigating ranchers' claims of Indian raids on livestock, Clayton Moore (title character) and Jay Silverheels (as Tonto) visit the accused chief Red Hawk (Frank de Kova) and his second (Michael Ansara), in the first movie based on the hit TV series, The Lone Ranger, 1956 The Lone Ranger got the horse some water, and soon he was starting to feel a little better. The Lone Ranger turned to Tonto and said, Tonto, I want you to run around Silver and see if you can create enough of a breeze to make him start to feel better. Tonto said, Sure, Kemosabe! and took off running circles around Silver

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The Lone Ranger Lyrics: Taumatawhakatangihangakoayauo- / Tamateaturipukakapikimaungahoro- / Nukypokaiwhenuakitanatahu / Matakuaitenakuakauamikitora / Me Tonto. The Lone Ranger's sidekick Tonto, who didn't appear until the 11th episode of the series, was portrayed by John Todd and Roland Parker. James Lipton,. The Lone Ranger vs Tonto Podcast. A weekly conversation: Justin likes to argue. Steven likes to reason. Erick makes sure they stay on topic. What topic? Everything's up for debate in the undisclosed location.. Jay Silverheels, who played Tonto on the 1949 TV version of the program, joked in a 1969 skit with Johnny Carson that Tonto was fired by the Lone Ranger after him find out what kemosabe mean. In the 2013 Lone Ranger film, Tonto (played by Johnny Depp) sarcastically claims that kemosabe means wrong brother The Lone Ranger and Tonto, from the hit television series. American actor Clayton Moore as John Reid/The Lone Ranger in the television series 'The Lone Ranger', circa 1950

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  1. In 1838—nearly a century before the Lone Ranger was introduced to the public—Bass Reeves was born a slave in the Arkansas household of William S. Reeves, who relocated to Paris, Texas, in 1846
  2. The Lone Ranger and Tonto, who slowly come to a kind of mutual respect, are up against a clear-cut villain named Butch Cavendish (William Fichtner) and an implied one — the greed propelling much.
  3. Synopsis: In the 1930s, an elderly Tonto tells a young boy the tale of John Reid, the Lone Ranger. An idealistic lawyer, he rides with his brother and fellow Texas Rangers in pursuit of the notorious Butch Cavendish. Ambushed by the outlaw and left for dead, John Reid is rescued by the renegade Comanche, Tonto, at the insistence of a mysterious white horse and offers to help him to bring.
  4. Buy The Lone Ranger Action Figures and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items The Lone Ranger Series 2 Tonto NECA Figure NEW. £29.99. £5.99 postage. Lone Ranger Gabriel Marx Raft From The 1970s. £10.95
  5. Stupid Joke: The Lone Ranger . The Lone Ranger and Tonto went camping in the desert. After they got their tent all set up, they fell sound asleep. Some hours later, Tonto wakes The Lone Ranger and says, Kemo Sabi, look towards sky, what you see? The Lone Ranger replies, I see millions of stars. What that tell you? asked Tonto
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The Lone Ranger and Tonto are characters from an old radio and television show that began in the 1930s. The Lone Ranger, a cowboy, was the hero, and Tonto, a Native American, was his sidekick. The show has received criticism for its portrayal of the Native American character vintage, lone ranger, lone, tonto, hero, western, old west, ranger. Vintage Masked Rider Painting Chiffon Top. By Paul David Wilson. $28.22. Tags: armie hammer, the man from u n c l e, the man from uncle, illya kuryakin, the lone ranger, john reid, call me by your name. Armie Hammer Classic T-Shirt The Lone Ranger är en amerikansk film från 2013.Från teamet bakom Pirates of the Caribbean-serien.Den är regisserad av Gore Verbinski, producerad av Jerry Bruckheimer och är baserad på karaktären Lone Ranger, i Sverige även känd som Svarta Masken.Filmen hade biopremiär den 3 juli 2013. På Oscarsgalan 2014 nominerades The Lone Ranger för bästa smink och bästa specialeffekter, men. Tonto rendered him unconscious with a rock and soon noticed a white spirit horse approaching John's grave. Legendary. In 1933, a young boy named Will met Tonto and asked about his adventures with the Lone Ranger. Tonto told him the story of their meeting and their stopping of Latham Cole

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The Lone Ranger turned to Tonto and said, Tonto, I want you to run around Silver and see if you can create enough of a breeze to make him start to feel better. Tonto said, Sure, Kemosabe and started running in circles around Silver. Not able to do anything else but wait, the Lone Ranger returned to the bar to finish his drink What did surprise me about The Lone Ranger is that, under all the dross, there was the kernel of a good movie. At the heart of The Lone Ranger, which was the equivalent of watching a child hurl food on the floor in a fancy restaurant, was an R-rated, Tarantino-style revenge flick called Tonto that would have been awesome This HD wallpaper is about The Lone Ranger movie, johnny depp, tonto, armie hammer, john reid, Original wallpaper dimensions is 4256x2832px, file size is 1.57M The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fistfight In Heaven Analysis 993 Words | 4 Pages. The Wrong American Dream: Struggling to Assimilate in The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven Kill the Indian and save the Man, sounds more like something out of a dystopian novel than an educational campaign slogan, but in 1887 those were the words chosen by Army Lt. Richard Henry Pratt to garner. You are bidding on a 2013 Neca--The Lone Ranger movie--7 Tonto figure. He is used, but is still in good condition. There are NO accessories included. Shipping cost will be determined by your location . Payment is due within 7 days after the auction closes

Directed by Gore Verbinski. With Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, William Fichtner, Tom Wilkinson. Native American warrior Tonto recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid, a man of the law, into a legend of justice the lone ranger's nephew dan reid and his white horse victor in certain episodes dan reid would come to visit his uncle,the lone ranger and he had a white horse named victor. dan would always get in to trouble and the lone ranger and tonto would have to come rescue him The Lone Ranger (Hammer), the last of his kind, teams with Tonto (Depp), a dark and mysterious vigilante, to seek vengeance after justice has failed them. It's a runaway train of epic surprises, as these two unlikely heroes must learn to work together before the ultimate showdown between good and evil explodes

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The Lone Ranger and Tonto. 4,424 likes · 37 talking about this. Dedicated to celebrating the Old West and promoting traditional values through those icons of American culture, The Lone Ranger and Tonto The Lone Ranger galloped into our lives first via a radio series in the 1930s, followed by two serialized movie adaptations, novels, comic strips and an animated series. The story: a do-gooder lawyer named John Reid is ambushed by the devilish Butch Cavendish. He's left for dead and nursed back to life by the noble Native American Tonto. Now, with his trusty steed, Silver, he fights injustice. Lone Ranger ties Silver to a tree, and he and Tonto walk back down the mountain to get Scout. Tonto unties the horse, jumps in the saddle, and tells Lone Ranger 'Now, Kemosabe, you climb up behind me.' Lone Ranger tells him 'It doesn't work that way, you have to be behind the saddle.' Tonto says 'Why that, Kemosabe?

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The Lone Ranger è un film del 2013 diretto da Gore Verbinski e interpretato da Johnny Depp e Armie Hammer.. Il film è l'adattamento del personaggio soprannominato The Lone Ranger, apparso in diversi film e serial cinematografici e in una popolare serie televisiva andata in onda dal 1949 al 1957 (trasmessa in Italia come Il cavaliere solitario) e tratto a sua volta da un fumetto e da un. About The Book. When it was first published in 1993, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven established Sherman Alexie as a stunning new talent of American letters. The basis for the award-winning movie Smoke Signals, it remains one of his most beloved and widely praised books.. Sherman Alexie's critically celebrated first collection, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven. The story is that the man who played the Lone Ranger was killed in an accident on the night that the show was supposed to go on the air. The producers had to replace him with someone, but didn't. The Lone Ranger had a silver mine where he made his bullets—his trademark—and between the two of them they rode out into the West and conquered Evil. The Lone Ranger always shot the gun out of the Bad Guy's hand and seldom was there ever any blood Photo of Lone ranger - Tonto for fans of The Lone Ranger 34489075. The Lone Ranger Club Join New Post. Add interesting content and earn coins. Explore Fanpop. This The Lone Ranger photo contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. 2 ★ The Lone Ranger ☆ added by.

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By painting Tonto as an outcast—unlike the sidekick, the Chief can easily converse in good English—the film aligns Tonto with his fellow solitary, the Lone Ranger. Tonto still remains an. The first actor I ever saw was The Lone Ranger. I thought, that's what I want to do. - Michael Caine. The legend of The Lone Ranger has been an epic of the American West, and inspired many people in the entertainment industry. The story has existed since 1933 since the AM radio show aire

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The Lone Ranger and Tonto set out after the Cavendish gang. Where to Watch. Episode 4. Legion of Old Timers. Thu, Oct 6, 1949 30 mins. The Lone Ranger helps a young Easterner who inherited a ranch. The Lone Ranger And Tonto A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi-yo Silver, Away! Just who was the masked man and how did this great TV programme come about? So the New Lone Ranger Movie has just hit our screens and has received mixed reviews but as a huge Lone Ranger fan, I still can not wait to see it

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The Lone Ranger is played by Armie Hammer (The Social Network) -- a little less bossy, and just as squeaky-clean. Hammer is too young to remember the original Lone Ranger series, but his dad.

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